Catmas / Santa Claus Visits

Is this thing on? Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and got everything they were wishing for.

This is probably not exactly what my cat was hoping for, but he's learned to live with it. This time comes but once a year.

I got a hair cut a couple days ago, just to get rid of my split ends. I loved the hair dresser; we talked about our pets and her dog throwing a soggy squirrel corpse at her face, which turned out to be a stuffed animal. Basically, pets are there to terrorize and love you at the same time.

She even curled it for me without me even asking! Now if I only knew how to do that myself as easily as she did. I set up an appointment for color next week, so I am crossing my fingers. I'm not sure exactly what I want yet, besides ombre.

I almost always wear my hair in a braid at work, so coming in with it down was a surprise to some coworkers the other day. I came in with it in a bun on top of my head today, and one of my coworkers exclaims, "What happened to your hair???? It was so nice the other day." Thanks, sorry it looks like a pile of llama poop today.

I got a HUGE surprise at Christmas. Greg's family and mine went in with him on my/our gift, which is something I've wanted for a long time. When I unwrapped my gift, I found a Macbook Pro. I'm still in shock and so amazed. I am glad we can both use it, especially since he is in school.

Does anyone else have a Mac? I've used one before but mine was a much older version. Any tips I should know about? I'm a little worried about using up the space, but I could use my external hard drive if I need to.

Travels & Curious Foods

We finally returned from SC! Weather secret: it was actually probably 55 in this picture, but we were ice skating so it seemed like it was colder. I managed to not fall down and break anything, or any small children. There were a ton of kids on the ice; I was afraid I was going to run one over.

My uncle bought us this game called Cards Against Humanity for Christmas. Have you played?? This is my new favorite game. We played the whole deck all the way through. If you ever want to bring a game to a party, this one is perfect. As long as there are no kids around. It has the easiest rules to learn, and you can download the whole thing for free online or buy the set. It's funny and super disgusting.

Today was my first day back at work, and we had our Christmas party, which really means a ton of food. They ordered my favorite subs - Capriotti's Bobbie's. It's a sub stuffed with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo. Some of you are probably screaming right now, and others are a little interested. It is amaaazing - all of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving rolled into one.

I work in a very multicultural environment, so we also had a mix of Philippine and Indian food. I am not even sure what any of that is on the right side, but it was spicy! I am 90% sure that red thing in the middle is not a tiny brain. This was also followed by sweet potato pie.

Happy Catmas

This is Luna this time last year. I can't wait to break out their new Christmas outfits!

We drove nine hours yesterday and are visiting my mom in South Carolina. Luckily, we missed all the snow on the way down. We have been enjoying ourselves eating SO much food.

We dropped the cats off at Greg's parents, because we were worried about a long drive with grumpy cats. We wanted to take them with us so bad, but I don't think they would appreciate it. Do you take your pets on trips with you?

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Do you guys read Cosmopolitan? Me either. If you want to know why, just read 12 of Cosmo's Sexiest Sex Tips as Presented by Gollum. For example, here's a great tip:

Actually, that one's not that bad, minus the Gollum. These are the truly terrible ones, one which involves sticking a donut onto your guy's business.

If you're interested in the quizzes, though, Erin has posted a great quiz on Two Thirds Hazel that's a lot of fun. Here are my answers:

Shelter In the Storm

Our week has looked kind of like this:

Not that I'm complaining, because firenadoes are a real thing, so it could be worse. Much worse.

 It has looked like this recently, but finally it stopped snowing, and the roads are clear. I did almost fall on my butt this morning walking outside on my way to the gym.

Moving to Delaware from South Carolina, I was so excited for snow. Then a couple years ago, I spun around in my car at least 3 times in a one week span, and I have a different view of snow now. Every time I see snow, I see BLIZZARDNADO-POCALYPSE, and do not want to drive anywhere. I do have a new car now, though, which is a tiny beast in the snow.

Walking a couple miles in the snow to get some Wawa has made me realize I do not own any worthy snow boots. I need to shop for some waterproof boots, 'cause wet socks are not cool. We spent the day snuggling this comatose-looking cat and cooking dinner.

Did you get any snow around your area? Are you a snow fan or a snow hermit like myself?

Looking for Yeti

It's been a busy week/weekend; between coworkers being out and having drill all weekend, I'm happy to relax. Unfortunately, it looks like this outside:

The snow started falling around lunchtime and hasn't stopped since! It was quite a nerve-wracking drive home, and I am still waiting on my man. They let us out of drill early today, but he was on a mission a couple hours out, so while I've been home for hours, he's still trying to make it through traffic.

To distract myself from worrying about him, I am going to join the Sunday Social at Ashley's blog:

1. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?

This picture of us at Niagara Falls:

Funny story - we actually have a bunch of pictures like this, because the guy couldn't figure out how to work my iPhone.

2. What do you keep beside your bed?
A book on an extra pillow on the floor, 'cause we don't have room for a nightstand.

3. What is your least favorite chore?
Laundry. Greg almost always does the laundry because I notoriously leave it in the washer/dryer until I remember it 2 days later. Give me something that doesn't take as many steps, like dishes or vacuuming.

4. If you could eliminate one thing from your routine, what would it be?
Getting ready. I want to roll out of bed and step out the door. I take forever to get ready; I wish I had a magic wand for makeup and clothes.

5. What do you do to vent anger?
I haven't been that angry in a while *knock on wood*, but I drive aggressively when I'm angry. Not necessarily fast, but I maneuver around other cars like I'm in Nascar.

6. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?
Christmas, 'cause you're allowed to wear a lot more glitter than is usually acceptable, and you get to buy cool stuff for people without it being weird. For example, my coworkers may be confused if I run around shouting, "HAPPY JUNE!!" while throwing candy at them next year.

Christmas Shenanigans

To our cats' excitement, this weekend we put up the Christmas tree. They have since been terrorizing it; luckily, they haven't taken the whole thing down yet.

As if my cats aren't already crazy enough by clawing my bed at 6 AM to wake me up, now they have been pouncing at ornaments and dragging the tree skirt everywhere.

Saturday night, we went to go see The Hunger Games (finally!!). It was awesome!! The first part of the movie was killing me; it was so sad. I want to reread the books; I couldn't remember what was going to happen or how it's going to go down in the third book.

Bahaha! If you haven't seen it yet, you will recognize it when it happens.

Last night, we made dinner and rewatched The Avengers, one of my favorite movies. We made Ultimate Chicken Fingers and baked potatoes, NOMM. It was SO good.

 Flannel Top: Old Navy // Lacy Top: Urban Outfitters (similar - here or here) // Jeans: Forever 21 (similar) // Socks: Target (similar) // Boots: Steve Madden

I just got some shopping done from the Target Cyber Monday sale. That takes care of the big items I was shopping for, but I am not nearly done yet. Are you shopping today? Any other sites having huge deals?

Sami's Shenanigans

Pecan Pie and Evil Bears

The Thanksgiving feasting is over, and I had a short return back to work for one day. Thursday definitely felt like Saturday, and I did not feel like working today. Work was not bad, though, and now I get to relax a little longer.

We have Thanksgiving at Greg's parents every year, because they're only an hour away. This year, I made a ton of foood!! Sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, apple pie pull-apart bread, and my first pecan pie.

I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe; it was delicious. We crumbled the crust a little bit, but the best part is the middle anyway. There are still leftovers in the fridge whispering my name.

After all the food, I definitely had a case of the -itis, so the rest of the night was spent snuggling kitties on the couch. I'm laughing here, because Luna is laying on me with just her butt sticking out; she stayed like that for a while.

Verizon is giving out free Encore and Starz this weekend, so we spent the night re-watching Wreck It Ralph and Brave. I love those movies, especially Brave; made me cry the first time I saw it - it's so sweet!

Also, once while I was on a training week where we lived in tents, I had a nightmare, and the bear in my dream looked exactly like the evil bear from Brave. When I woke up, I had to go outside to pee!!! Scariest bathroom trip ever.

If you can't remember, it looked like this. Thanks for the nightmares, Disney.

Next goal: figure out Christmas presents! I got Greg this pistol crossbow thing for our anniversary (romantic, right haha), which he loves. I think he has enough weapons for now, although I can tell his dad is jealous of it, so we might get him one.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just remember, if you choose to shop on Black Friday, don't go shopping alone.

This could happen to you, too. Neck hole in the back hole, back in the shoulder hole, arms who knows where. You never know when you may need someone to extract you from a Target dress trap (I was alone this day, BTW; clearly, I needed help).

I am not skilled at putting on clothes, generally. There is still a picture floating around documenting the time that I put my pants on backwards and wondered why they felt weird, while I stood there looking like a mutant who could turn my bottom half the opposite way. Or someone who was born with a butt in their front.

I will be doing all my shopping online this weekend; I've worked a Black Friday before, and there is nothing enticing about being on the other side of it for me. Are you doing any shopping this weekend? How do you feel about shopping on Thanksgiving? I think it's crazy, although some make the argument that employees get paid holiday pay; I still think a lot of people would rather be at home.

Corn Casserole & Sweater Shopping

I am already freaking out about cooking everything in time for Thursday, and I'm not even the one doing most of the cooking. I just finished cooking corn casserole at 1 AM. I work second shift, so that's actually not as unusual as it sounds. Yep, totally normal to bake a casserole at 1 AM.

I used this recipe from Paula Deen, and it is the most amazing thing and also the easiest to make. I make corn casserole every year, and I'm not ashamed if I eat half of it.

I have a few more things to cook tomorrow morning, since I'm not off until Thursday.

Sweater: Target (similar) // Jeans: Forever 21 (similar) // Flats: Target // Scarf: Old Navy

Target is having a huge sale on sweaters. I found this big comfy one for around $16, although I can't find it online. I'm wearing flats with it here because I was on my way to work, and boots and heels aren't quite as comfortable for wearing all day. I couldn't find that one, but I did find a lot more I wouldn't mind wearing: this bunny one, a polka dot or key pattern sweater, and if you are in need of a tacky Christmas sweater, there is this dinosaur one.

This weather is going crazy! I have to bundle up when I go outside; it's been in the 30's.

Are you the one cooking for Thanksgiving? If not, are you bringing anything? Any huge deals I should know about?

Before & After

Just a warning: if you get cats, they will get HUGE. I can't believe Boba used to fit in one hand. Now he fits perfectly on my entire desk, as you can see. They turn into giant, wild beasts so fast. They still love cuddles, though.

Flyers Weekend

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are not a bad way to start your Sunday. You probably already knew that, but damn I love cinnamon rolls. We definitely ate all of these today. Well, I ate three, so you do the math of who ate the rest of them.

The first part of our weekend was spent walking around Philly, with me dragging G to various shops and him browsing Reddit on his phone while I shopped in Sephora. By shopping, I mean trying different eyeshadows and lotions on my hands and walking out empty-handed, because, honestly, if I buy one thing, I might as well buy 18 of them.

We stopped at the Franklin Flea, which was cool. It's a winter flea market that goes on inside one of the historic buildings there.

I was looking for Christmas gifts, but didn't find anything. G did find some delicious hot sauce called Hank Sauce; I didn't try any because I was trying to recover from cramps I had earlier that day, but he bought the Camouflage and thought it was tasty.

Finally, we went to our/my first professional hockey game! We saw the Flyers v the Islanders. We were rooting for the Flyers (who did win), but it was a great game all around. I prefer hockey to baseball or basketball; it's much more intense! I haven't been to a pro football game yet.

Are these girls not super cold?? Haha I was wearing a coat and covered up in G's jacket; looks like they would be freezing.

Sami's Shenanigans

Currently, Friday

Is it weird that I just started typing in my address bar instead of Wow, talk about a flashback. I used to be a livejournal addict. It's just been one of those days.

Dolman Top: Old Navy // Jeans: Forever 21 (similar) // Desert Boots: Clarks // Dinosaur Necklace: Forever 21 (similar - clearance!) // Octopus Ring: Modcloth

Wearing: Love these desert boots I got for my birthday, and I wear this octopus ring from Modcloth sometimes, with bonus cat scratches. Also, I don't paint my fingernails, because I am in the Air National Guard, and I am too lazy to take it off before drill weekends.

Reading: I finished Gone by Michael Grant, and it was awesome; I recommend it! I've just started Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer; it's about his trip up Mt Everest, which ended disastrously. I can't even imagine climbing to the height that planes normally cruise.

Eating: We went to Red Robin today, my favorite restaurant! I always mean to take a picture of my food, but it's sooo good I eat it before I remember, every time. Also, I was planning to save half to take with me to work for dinner. Yep, that didn't work. Whiskey River BBQ chicken wrap is just too delicious.

Watching: Battlestar Galactica. I'm on the final season on Netflix. Also, Doctor who returns on Saturday!!!! Did you see the Google homepage today; yay for Doctor Who love. I would love to see the new Hunger Games, but G and I are cheap, and we have a free movie ticket which we can only use to see movies which have been out a couple weeks. Thor or Bad Grandpa?? I'm leaning towards Bad Grandpa.

Working On: Training my cat to NOT wake me up every morning to feed her. This morning, she woke me up by crouching in front of me and touching her nose to mine while staring at me. Sounds sweet and a little creepy, right? Yep, not what I want after only 5-6 hours of sleep. Let me get my 8 in, please.

Listening To: I'm linking up with Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work today for #backthatazzup Friday. I'm addicted to about half of Katy Perry's new CD, AKA the half I can dance to. I'm loving a lot of the tracks so far, but this is one of my favorites! The beat is amazing and I love the background ethereal noises.

8 Things About Me

I saw this post at Angie's site, My So-Called Chaos, today, and thought I would join in with some facts about me.

1. I really love Raisin Bran Crunch. Sometimes I get crazy cravings for it; I think I may have eaten too much Raisin Bran as a kid, and it's become part of my bloodstream, and I have to recharge every now and then.

2. My boyfriend never had a family pet. I find that really weird, since I've ALWAYS had pets.

3. Speaking of which, once we brought Boba Fett home, I realized he would be lonely when we were at work, so I had to convince G that we needed to adopt another kitten. It took a LOT of convincing, and I'm not saying there weren't a few tears. I'm emotional.

4. I once threw up all over a copy of Breaking Dawn. That pretty much summarizes my feelings on Twilight. Twilight fans, we are just on different sides and we will have to live with it. The part I feel bad about is that I also threw up on my cat at the same time. It was a rough day for both of us.

5. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I know a lot of people don't eat it, and I always start babbling to them about how they should try it and it's the best meal ever and haven't they even heard of pancakes???

6. I love Doctor Who. It comes back this Saturday; I'm so excited!!

7. I also love scary movies. Just know that I will probably be huddled in the corner of the couch, with a clawlike grip on someone's arm, and plugging my ears with my free hand.

8. I've lived in seven different states, mostly in the South. Now I live in Delaware, and I love being this close to Philadelphia; it always has something fun going on and we get to try yummy restaurants. Only minus is parking!! $15?? I could buy a pair of jeans from Forever 21 for that.

BONUS FACT! Sometimes we dress our cat up like a cat burrito.

Quoth the Lady

“I want [female characters] to be allowed to be weak and strong and happy and sad — human, basically. The fallacy in Hollywood is that if you’re making a ‘feminist’ story, the woman kicks ass and wins. That’s not feminist, that’s macho. A movie about a weak, vulnerable woman can be feminist if it shows a real person that we can empathize with.” - Natalie Portman
 Just because a woman is kicking butt in a movie does not make her a strong female character. A woman does not have to physically kick a guy's ass to be a well-developed character. In fact, most times I've seen a woman physically prevailing over everyone, she's also been over-sexualized. Sure, she may be fighting guys, but she's still there for the guy's entertainment. Give me someone who can be weak and sad and strong and resilient, who is capable of showing she is human.

"Being tender and open is beautiful. As a woman, I feel continually shhh’ed. Too sensitive. Too mushy. Too wishy washy. Blah blah. Don’t let someone steal your tenderness. Don’t allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart. Nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to truly be affected by things. Whether it’s a song, a stranger, a mountain, a rain drop, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep, feel it all – look around you. All of this is for you. Take it and have gratitude. Give it and feel love." - Zooey Deschanel
 We might by ooey gooey sometimes, and we might be strong sometimes. I agree with her; there's nothing wrong with enjoying the happy things and showing how much you love them. We are not one-sided; you're allowed to be tender and you're allowed to be hard. Enjoy what makes you happy.

Happy List

What can I say about Tuesday? We had a busy night at work; I can't wait to snuggle into my sheets! Here are a few things making my happy list, lately.

#1 // This boy. Even though he was sitting on top of my mouse and started clawing me every time I moved it.

#2 // Starwalker Lace-Ups. Add these to my Christmas wishlist?

#3 Christmas cookies/cupcakes/everything. I want to decorate ALL THE COOKIES! Don't leave any icing laying around; I will decorate everything in sight.

#4 Books. I'm reading Gone by Michael Grant right now, and it's fantastic. At first, when I started reading it and realized the characters were 14 (I don't want to think about how much older I am than them), I was a little put off. Then I got into it, and it doesn't bother me at all. The premise is that all the adults have suddenly disappeared, and how the kids survive and a new social hierarchy is created. So, if you're into post-apocalyptic YA books, I'd try it. I was also surprised at how violent it is for being about kids; these characters are mental.

#5 Cooking. Greg and I made Parmesan crusted tilapia the other night, and it was delicious. It was my first time cooking fish, but the recipe was super easy.

 photo ArtatHomeButton_zps18898da7.jpg

Krispie Treat Shenanigans

We had a pretty relaxed weekend. Greg left me alone for the first half of the day Saturday again, so this happened:

Trying to take outfit photos, but I actually turn into Gru from Despicable Me every time I wear this scarf.

Do you see the resemblance? Scarf is from Old Navy, by the way.

Saturday night we went out to eat, then went to our favorite bookstore, 2nd and Charles, which also feels like the biggest used bookstore ever. I love that place! I bought a couple books - Into Thin Air and A Lion Called Christian. I also gave Greg a new mission; I want a book about bear attacks. Not really how to survive them; I just want to read about people fighting bears. Sometimes I have weird book cravings.

We also had lunch plans with his parents the next day, so we made these Oreo Rice Krispie Treats to bring with us.

OMG. Talk about making rice krispie treats (which I already love) 1000 times more delicious. It's seriously hard to eat only one of them. We left a few with his parents and brought the rest home with us. I think there may be two left; they are SOO good.

Sunday we chilled out and Greg watched football while I played Candy Mania and tried not to fall asleep. Then we both ended up taking a nap for an hour before cooking tilapia for dinner - NOM.

Sami's Shenanigans