Crazy Cat Yawns

Isn't it weird how cats are really cute before they yawn...

But then something happens mid-yawn that transforms them into face-eating beasts.

They are enjoying the view outside; it's unusual when they share..usually one will paw the other in the face until the assaultee gets agitated and leaves.

G sent me a text yesterday saying that he went on my Pinterest yesterday looking for gift ideas, but it was full of puppies. "SOOOOOO MANY PUPPIES." I'm still not seeing the problem with the gift idea.


I downloaded the new Katy Perry CD, Prism, and I love it! I don't keep up well with new music. I've heard of Snoop Lion. And I think Jay Z is still a thing. I do rock out pretty hard to 50 Cent's 'Candy Shop' on my Pandora workout station. Yeh, I know all the words. It's not a big deal.

But I have a HUGE crush on Katy Perry. Seriously, she's flawless.

My favorite song so far is 'Dark Horse.' It's an awesome lady power song.

Cute and Snuggly Things

Here are some things I've been 'aww'ing at lately. 'Tis the season for dresses and boots! And ostriches. 'Tis always the season for ostriches. Seriously, watch out.

Glossy Blonde

Workout Style

I found this tank on clearance at Dick's the other day, and I could not wait to wear it to the gym today. They were having an awesome sale, with an extra 50% off clearance, so I got two different colors. It's so light and comfortable, perfect for running indoors. Also, it doesn't get all squished up around my waist while I'm running, which happens with some of my other tops. Here's what I wore today, with a bonus cat.

Top: Underarmour (similar) (save) // Pants: Old Navy (exact) // Shoes: Brooks (exact)

Yesterday, while I thought G was waiting patiently in the car while I went into the store for some things, he actually sneaked in and bought flowers without me noticing. I LOVE surprise flowers.

Last time he bought flowers, he had accidental perfect timing. He came home with them right after I had a major meltdown. I'd forgotten to take my pill the day before, and it was a very stressful week, and I started freaking out that my old college wouldn't send my transcript. I was alternating between crying and throwing my phone across the room. Sometimes you just have those moments where one little thing sets off a Mega Sharktopus-crocosaurus-nado. Like everything had been waiting to explode all week. G came home to the aftermath of me fallen like a beached turtle on the couch, and he had a Reese's and flowers in his hand. I don't know how he did it.

We also had to get a new shower curtain this weekend, since our old one bit the dust. Actually, it was mold. Gross. So now we have learned to air it out more, and replaced it with this lovely floral-patterned one from Target. Looks like it's only available in-stores, although they do have the awesome world map shower curtain, which was our shower curtain in our first apartment.

Some Things I'm Loving

I'm linking up with Katie Did What to share some things I've been loving lately.

Food: Shake Shack - G and I tried it out this weekend, and it was delicious! I got the ShackBurger and blueberry lemonade. It was the most amazing burger I've had in a long time - cheesy, fresh, and it came with this yummy Shake Sauce. I could have eaten two. I wanted to try one of their Concrete's, because who doesn't want to eat ice cream with a name like Concrete, but I had to let my nice greasy burger digest first. We went out for froyo later that night...MMMM.

Cats: My cats are fur-beasts,. Luna is obsessed with plastic bags, because usually they contain treats, which she breaks into and devours like some kind of cat vacuum.

Here is the completely not guilty fur-beast, herself. Do you see the lack of shame in those eyes?

Shopping: Creature Feature Top by Anthropologie. One in every different pattern, please. Puppies, hedgehogs, and bunnies...almost too much adorable to take.

Scary Movies: Doesn't matter if I close my eyes and put my hands over my ears at some parts. I LOVE scary movies!! G and I watched The Strangers and Paranormal Activity 4 today. The Strangers is really good; reminds me of The Purge. I also want to see the new Carrie movie. If we go see any movie in theater, though, I think it's going to be Bad Grandpa; the previews have been hilarious.

The Coziest Little Fox in the Room

You know how they say you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry? You probably shouldn't go clothes shopping when you're feeling a little under the weather.

I went for a quick shopping trip today before work, but I am trying to get over this weather change. I only ended up buying awesome underwear and running socks, and mostly because it's weird to buy only a Reese's at Target.

I feel like cozying up in a big blanket and coming out again when I feel better. But if I had to go out I would really like to wear these boots. And be wrapped in a portable blanket.

G and I were supposed to go to Cici's today for lunch, but when we arrived, we discovered it had closed sometime since our last visit and been converted into a Karate building. We were disappointed. Not because we don't like Karate. Believe me, I'm a huge Karate fan. You should see what I can do. I learned all I know from watching Batman. But I am also a big fan of many-toppinged pizzas.

I bemoaned the loss of it at work; as I told my coworker, "It's not about quality. It's about quantity." When I go to Cici's, I plan to eat as many different kinds of pizza as possible, and one of them is going to have chocolate on it.

Suffering through the loss, we ended up going to my favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Whiskey River anything is the best. I always get the Whiskey River chicken wrap; it's AMAZING.


I confess that:

I don't know if it's my medicine which makes me love naps now, or if I'm just getting old. I used to think naps were just for old people; now I can't get enough!!

 I eat the same thing for breakfast every day during the week. It's delicious.

I have about 6 pages on Safari on my phone that I refuse to close. They are all puppy pictures. One of them is:

 I have had this unfortunate Usher song stuck in my head for days. DAYS. I really need help. It plays on my Pandora workout station every time I run, and the lyrics are terrible. I think it's called 'Scream.' Second Usher confession: I always call him Ursher, always.

Sometimes I dress my cat up like a hot dog.

That's all the confessions for now. Tomorrow is Cici's day with the boyfriend. If you're unfamiliar with Cici's, it's basically pizza heaven for those who love options. And dessert pizza. I love both.

Spooky Glam

I'm not gonna lie - I'm pretty much a pajamas and cozy hoody kind of girl when I'm at home. Halloween night will most likely be spent cozied up on the couch, but I like to think about what I would wear if I were the removing-myself-from-the-couch type.

Just realized it may not be as normal as I think it is to pick your cat's boogers. Somebody has to help him, though; he sounds like Darth Vader.

Hi, It's Michael Scott

Sometimes I like to do things to people that they don't know about. For example, when my boyfriend calls me, this picture shows up on my phone:

Actually, he knows about that one. My mom doesn't know that when she calls me, this is what I see, though:

Michael Scott, one of my favorite characters ever.

In other news, I'm really on board for some pecan pie this winter. Or right now. Sometimes we make dinner and I think I should take a picture of it. Except that's usually after I've already devoured most of it, at which point I think, "We've gone too far." I have been seriously craving some pie lately.. note for this weekend - PIE.

Harry Potter Festival

This weekend was the Harry Potter Festival in Philadelphia.


We had never been before, so we (I) decided we should go. There were a TON of kids and adults dressed up. We even saw two Beauxbatons girls and a baby dressed as an owl - so adorable.

 Dress - Target (similar) / Boots - Modcloth (exact) / Scarf - Old Navy (similar) / Tights - Target (similar)

I also ran into this bear who was wearing metal shorts. We walked for about 5 miles, but it felt like 500 in my boots. I repeated my mantra, 'Fashion over comfort' to my boyfriend. They did surprisingly well for several miles; no blisters so it wasn't that bad.

The houses in this area are so beautiful. They all looked super warm and cozy, like you want to go take a nap inside.

We almost got some butterbeer, but then we realized it was served warm. Not really what you want after working up quite a thirst. So we stopped at Chick-fil-a on the way home for iced teas, and I unzipped my boots and released my feet-krakens, which felt AMAZING.

I've already taken 1 1/2 naps today, but I'm exhausted, and will be very happy to climb into bed.

Lazy Thursday

What day is it? It's sort of Friday...if 1:52 AM counts. It's been nice enough to open the windows lately.

Just discovered PicMonkey. Awesome!! I can edit my pictures without opening Photoshop. This is pretty much perfect for the super lazy, AKA me some days.

Luna has been waking me up early every morning to feed her ever since I put her on a diet. She scratches the bed until I roll out and chase her. This morning, however, I discovered a new weapon. I pulled out the water bottle, sprayed her, and fell back asleep. OH how the tables have turned.

Today, my boyfriend came home to find the TV on, and I definitely remember turning it off before I left. I guess the cats like to watch HGTV while we're gone.

Battlestar Galactica

I would have blogged more recently, but Battlestar Galactica.

I started watching it from the beginning, since it had been a while and I'd only seen season 1 before. This show has the most incredible depiction of female characters. Can you tell I'm a fan of Starbuck?

Also, I really want to make some Dr. Pepper chicken. This looks delicious:

My boyfriend and I met for lunch the other day at Chipotle, and I ordered the chicken bowl. I devoured the whole thing; I love Chipotle!!