Currently, Friday

Hair: Lion mane style!!! Wore it down to work today - mission accomplished.

Reading: Gone by Michael Grant. Really good so far!! Although Greg has repeatedly stated he hates the cover and would like to punch it. I can see his point. That kid definitely looks Bieber-y.

Eating: Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar. If you ever have a craving for Girl Scout thin mints, but there are no minions in sight, try this! I LOVE thin mints, so I stick these in the fridge, and they taste just like them.

Drinking: Pibb Xtra with my Chipotle today for lunch. The combination is magical.

Watching: Battlestar Galactica. I'm almost finished with season is epic.

Wearing: A Hogwarts American Apparel shirt - yes it exists. And it's the softest thing ever. This is in combination with space pj shorts - it's 1 AM, and I just got off work.

Wishing: That Anthropologie had real sales, not this fallacy they call a sale. As I lamented to Greg last time we were at the Anthropologie with FOUR FLOORS in Philadelphia, $40 for a t-shirt is not a sale. Even if that t-shirt is really, really cute.

Listening to: Sweeney Todd. Did you know that the inside of my car becomes a Broadway stage when I play Sweeney Todd? Also I can sing all the parts, so if you're in my car when this happens, don't worry, you can just provide the special effects and dramatic dancing.

Working On: Christmas gifts. By that I mean, I'm thinking, "What does everyone want?? I have no idea! I love cheese sticks and the classic 1996 movie Space Jam - that's what I'll get everyone!"

Loving: That my cat just jumped into my lap to cuddle me. Then he started eating my hair.

Idea for this post came from The Marvelous Flight of Cara.


  1. Hey girl! SO GLAD you did this fun post too! I'm now following your blog, lovely lady! xoxo

    1. Yay! Glad you don't mind if I steal your idea x).

  2. hahah AMEN to the anthro sales- a dress priced at $70 does not make it on sale, people. though i have been able to find gorgeous piece for $20- you just have to be super lucky ;)

    xo marlen
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    1. For real. I own A potholder from Anthropologie. Cause it was really cute and on sale. So basically, I can afford a potholder-size amount of their clothes. I need more coverage than that!!!

  3. That's definitely how my hair looks on more days than I'd like to admit! I value my pillows more than my flat iron!

    XO, Carolyn @

    1. Yep, I'm just gonna say I was going for the wild mountain lady look on purpose :). Sleep always wins over hair.