Some Things I'm Loving

#1 Cats

Hi, I'm Boba, and I'm ridiculously adorable and fluffy. Don't try to cuddle me, though, because I will probably just eat your hair and/or any strings or string-like objects hanging from your body.

#2 Food

Chipotle!!! Now that I'm on board the Chipotle train, I never want to get off. I want some again right now just looking at it. I have even taking to making my own, home-made versions, but going out is still a treat.

#3 Annoying Your Pets

Target's Christmas stuff has come out, and I found these fantastic outfits for a total of $7. Guess who gets to dress up for Christmas this year?? I CAN'T WAIT TO ANNOY MY CATS.

# 4 Body Butter

I was in Target looking for body lotion the other day (because the Aveeno bottle I bought is dumb & and only spits out a pea-drop size at a time). While I'm going down the aisles, I am accosted by a kind-of-British woman, who I at first thought was merely an obstacle in my path of lotion-shopping. I make eye contact with Greg as a sign of 'help me,' and he makes eye contact back which clearly states 'you're on your own.'

The woman goes on to talk about the Boots line of cosmetics, and I have a million thoughts going through my mind, like, 'Who are you? Do you work here? Why is Target placing kind-of-British ladies in the aisles?'

Then she brings out the samples. I love samples. I'll sample anything. No lie, today at Trader Joe's, I sampled chocolate swirled cheese, and I didn't regret it. So, I try the sample of one of the body butters and it feels AMAZING; I decided to buy the coconut and try it out. It feels SO nice; it leaves me with super soft hands, and I haven't had itchy legs yet, even though the weather's been dry. It also doesn't smell too coconut-y; it has shea butter and cocoa butter and smells like a mix of the three.

#5 It's the weekend

Time to relax, loosen up, look like a lizard, whatever you want.


  1. Ahhh the cat outfits!!! My cats would haaaaate me! ;) Annnnd now thanks to you I need Chipotle and also Boots lotion. I make my own burrito bowls at home, too, and it's so good! Seriously, my fave meal to have :)

    Thanks for linking up with me, girl!


    1. Yes, mine hate it, too, but we put them through it every Christmas. I feel your pain on the Chipotle - I just had it yesterday, and I already want to go back!

  2. Did you see the Target animal Christmas jammies?! *MELT*

  3. HAHA look like a lizard- what is going on in that gif. and your caat is AHDORABLE. i wouldnt mind him munching on my hair

    xo marlen
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    1. I have no idea what's happening, but it's hilarious. Haha Jeremy Renner..& Scarlett Johansson is just sitting there pretending not to notice.

  4. Literally my favorite things are cat and food all the time!

    1. Me too! And my bed; I'm basically an old lady x).