Taco Spiders

G has informed me he doesn't care if I spill his name on my blog, so I can call his real-birth-baby-given name, Greg. So, he sent me a text the other day telling me he had a weird dream.

Let me fill you in beforehand that spiders are a pretty big deal to me. There have been several incidents of spiders descending from the ceiling right behind me..lurking...casting malevolent glances at me.

I also once screamed as I opened my car window to drop off mail and a spider ran in. It was running, spiders can run. Anyway, I screamed and flew across to the passenger side of my car, and had to chase it out from the outside, as I was alone.

Anyway, he sends me this text...

Long story short, not only am I afraid of regular spiders - now I am afraid of taco-sized spiders that will multiply like starfish the more you try to kill them.

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