The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Do you guys read Cosmopolitan? Me either. If you want to know why, just read 12 of Cosmo's Sexiest Sex Tips as Presented by Gollum. For example, here's a great tip:

Actually, that one's not that bad, minus the Gollum. These are the truly terrible ones, one which involves sticking a donut onto your guy's business.

If you're interested in the quizzes, though, Erin has posted a great quiz on Two Thirds Hazel that's a lot of fun. Here are my answers:


  1. I once read a tip that you should slap a guys thingamabobber. Don't do it. I also read one that you should poke your man with a fork. Dafuq, Cosmo?! I'm gonna need you to put up a picture of your toes bent back.

    1. LMAO maybe there should be an experiment and someone posts the results. POKE WITH A FORK? Wtf is he a potato?? I'll have to paint my toe nails first. Or use that one toe that still has nail polish on it.