The Post Office Hates Your Rainbows

I decided to bake my mom some cookies and send them to her for her birthday, since she lives a few states away. This is what I sent her over one month ago:

And this is the crushed pile of rainbows that arrived at her house a couple days ago:

Apparently, they put the wrong zip code in the bar code and nobody was smart enough to read the address, so it floated between Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC for a whole month. At first I was mad, because the cookies missed her birthday and I wanted her to get rainbow cookies dammit. Then, I made her some blondie brownies to make up for it, and was amused to see how long the package would tour the states. After a month of traveling, they've obviously had a great time and been through some stuff, so I'm glad they made it home.

Thank goodness it's Friday. May it be as happy as my cat looks perched on this straining rocking chair.


  1. Baaaaahahahahahhahahahahha! Holy SHIT! Those bad boys obviously went through the wringer!

    1. I told her they were drunkenly touring the states x)!!

  2. Haha! the before and after pictures are hysterical! The cookies were gorgeous too!