Dirt Cake on the Weekend

Our weekend was very relaxed, because Greg said he had studying to do (HA, like that happened) and we were feeling beat from our week. We went shopping on Saturday for our new camera, which I love and can't wait to use more.
We did some useful stuff, like get my tires rotated and put the A/C back in, because I was sweating so freaking much last week. Naturally, now I'm freezing!!

Sunday was pancake day (hint: Sunday is ALWAYS pancake day).
Despite me freaking out, because, "We don't have any vegetable OIL?????" which I learned was donated to Greg's chicken wing cause, they turned out delicious. I could write a song about how much I love pancakes, but I don't know the words to describe it.

We also went to see Godzilla, which was really good.
It really put me in the mood for some Jurassic Park. Too bad the new one's not coming out anytime soon. Need more dinosaurs! Godzilla's not a dinosaur, obviously, but he was a beast. I wish I could roar like Godzilla; I would scare the shit out of my cats.

Then we made some Vegan Dirt Cake, based off this recipe.
We substituted Trader Joe's Joe Joe's for Oreos, because Oreo's always make my stomach ache. SO good. Tastes just like regular dirt cake.

Are you a fan of dirt cake?
Have you seen Godzilla?
Any movies in theater I should see?


  1. seriously i am in love with your cats. my cats never sit still / pretty long enough for me to take photos, they look possessed in the photos i take.
    never heard of dirt cake, sounds delish! oreos make me sick though, womp womp.
    my husband really wanted to see godzilla, but i wanted to nap, and i won. maybe next weekend :)

  2. Your cats are adorable! I have 2 as well!

    My husband and I have been debating on seeing Godzilla in theaters, hmmmmm?

    I now want dirt cake.

  3. I'll be over next Sunday. I like blueberries in mine.

  4. i can't wait for godzilla this weekend - i usually avoid movies opening weekend because, well, the humans.

    xmen is coming out this weekend too - can't wait to see that either :)

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Pancakes...I need more of those in my life. I'll be over next Sunday with Amanda. Lol.

  6. I am really nervous about the Godzilla movie. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm also just really excited about it! Ugh - I don't know how to feel!
    That cakes looks yummy :)

  7. What kind of camera did you purchase? I have yet to see the new Godzilla movie but I'm hoping we can go sometime this weekend if my sister baby sits Zaden for us (;

    Dearest Lou