Friday Favorites

Is it Friday already? We've almost made it through the week. I have an epic day of work to fling myself through (at least it's overtime, woo), and then the weekend begins. Here are some of my favorites this week:

My landlord's dog came to see what we were doing while we were trying to stuff our humongous AC back in the window (the back of our apartment looks into their backyard). He's super sweet, I just wanna hug him.

And then there's my cat, Luna, who obviously ain't got time for that.
Just kidding, she's sweet, too. Except when it comes to food, then she will cut a bitch.

I made these cookies, and they were so incredibly chewy and soft. I eat vegan, but even Greg liked these, and he is a regular-milk & meat guy. I replaced half the coconut oil with Earth Balance, so they didn't taste even a little coconuty this time to me.

Things to Do:
I want to hug all the cats like this.

Friday - I'm just at work like
Dreaming of how crazy the weekend will be.
But there's a real possibility there may be napping involved.
Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I'll see you again next week! Go find a cat to hug.


  1. hahahaha! i call fridays fuck it friday because that's pretty much how everyone feels. they'll do some work in the morning but after lunch? nope.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. bahahahah Luna and I both have that in common when we are hungry ;-) I just about died with your weekend plans! I always have such lofty ideas and then sleep always wins! Thanks so much for linking up I loved your post! xoxoxo

  3. Love your cat! So cute. Those cookies also look amaze!

  4. Mmmmm those cookies...I could totally eat one for breakfast right about now! Have a fab weekend!

  5. how cute is that dog! and haha at Luna, my cats dont care about anything unless its tuna. mmmm vegan cookies? yum! haha i love hugging my cats like this. normally they run away before i manage it though. boo. hahaha at your weekend plans - hope you nap and dont steal the declaration of independence ;)

  6. And I want that dog, my sister had a beagle that we had to put to sleep on xmas eve and boy do I miss that face. He was the best! Love beagles. Hopefully our day flies by, I've been on here for a good hour. sheeiiit, gotta get to work.

  7. Your weekend sounds like mine! Can't wait to change out of work clothes and get comfy...

  8. OMG that pup is adorable! Your kitty is hilarious too. Seriously, zero effs given in that photo haha. LOVE your weekend plans :D

  9. Hm, I may have to give those cookies (or a version of them) a try! I'm currently letting certain foods back into my diet after a gut-repair diet, and we just made chocolate chip cookies with coconut milk and coconut sugar and special allergen-free dark chocolate substituted for the regular stuff. I'm excited to start trying recipes like this again! :)

  10. Hahaha my cat was exactly the same way when it comes to food. XD silly kitties!!