Watch Me Fall Off of Things

You know that show, Wipeout? Now I am fully aware of why they call it that. Greg and I went to the ROC Race aka Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge this weekend, and we had so much fun. I also fell on my butt a lot.
Greg took his GoPro with him, so we got lots of good video, and I wanted to share some pics of my wipeout expertise.

Jump Balls
More like Jump Ball, because I didn't see anyone make it past one. So much harder than it looks!! I will keep making fun of those people on Wipeout, but I feel for them. I did jump on the first ball, but after that I flew diagonally and landed like a demented flying squirrel on the ground.

Wrecking Ball
The balls just kept coming back! I thought I was gonna be smooth and duck the first one, but then the other came, then the other one, and then the guy yelled, "No crawling!!" I couldn't get away from the balls, so I jumped in.

Cool Runnings
Not gonna lie, I was so scared! I busted my butt cheek on the first water slide we went on, but luckily this one was much deeper. Somehow I ended up backwards?? The tube felt like it was flying a million miles an hour.

World's Largest Inflatable Water Slide
But not as scary as the view from the world's largest inflatable slide!!! Notice how much Greg is enjoying the ride, with arms up and eyes open, and I am flying down it like a paralyzed cat in a bathtub. We both have our own approaches. His is the more carefree approach, and mine is the, "What have I done? Is that me screaming???" approach.

Would you go on this slide??
Are you into adventurous sports?
What extreme adventure would you try?


  1. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love watching Wipeout while doing laundry, is that weird? I think it's awesome how you guys documented it. You should upload some of the GoPro footage!

  2. This looks SOOOOO fun! I am so jealous!

  3. Oh my gosh this looks like so much funnn!!! And I love watching people fall! bahahah

  4. oh my gosh i'm sitting in the airport laughing so hard - at the pictures and your writing. you have such a way with words, miss. but seriously, wipe out makes me laugh and i love watching people fall, because i know i'd be worse. i dont think i could ever do this race, maybe one day!