Friday Favorites: Where's the PIZZA??

Happy Friday! Tonight is a late night at work, but after that is sweet freedom. I can't wait for the weekend - I need to shop for some new running shoes and sleep and eat lots of food. All the foods.

Favorite Photo:
These two pretend to not get along, and then we catch them like this.
Favorite Food:
We made this vegan pizza, with peppers and homemade vegan parmesan cheese. Soooo goood. Minimalist Baker is probably my favorite recipe site.
Favorite Beauty Item:
This glow in the dark nail polish is sitting in my Amazon cart, and it is tempting to check out. I also have a couple others in there, like Too Yacht to Handle. This is how people end up with 200 nail polishes.
Favorite App:
I finally did it - I downloaded the Kim Kardashian game. I've never seen an episode of Meet the Kardashians in my life, but I'm enjoying this game!! I think I'm supposed to be becoming a model/fashion/pop star mutant hybrid. All I know is, Willow Pape needs to get off my back.
Favorite Funnies:
The best sexting..
I just sit down for a minute, and then "Oh look, Jurassic Park is on."
I've ridden this ride before.
LOL the Hulk..."Is that Paul Rudd?" Also where did that tiny woman come from?
Have a great weekend!! Linking up with Amanda of Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.


  1. Please tell me that the "Where's the Pizza?" title of your post is a reference to Jennifer Laurence??
    Oh My Goodness that Pizza looks amazing!!! Home made vegan parmesan cheese I am so intreged, I used to be a vegan but my lust for cheese ended up getting the better of me and I went back to the dairy side. Do you have a recipe for this up on your blog? I would love love LOVE to try this!!
    Happy Friday

  2. hahaha mark ruffalo video bombed paul rudd!! so awesome.

    also, the sexting one was funny. i saw a bunch of selfie wrong number text replies and holy crap, i nearly pissed myself laughing.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. is the Kardashian game on your phone? It is probably super addicting!

  4. Hahaha I love the photo bomb! That's totally me with cleaning...only usually with my laptop. "Let me put on some music...and check twitter...and facebook...and blogs...annnnd it's bedtime!"

  5. LOL at those funnies, especially the sexting one! That is hilarious!
    Too Yacht to Handle just went into my Amazon cart. Such a fun color!

  6. Vegan parmesan cheese?! HOW?! TELL ME ERRTANG!

  7. That Paul Rudd gif is hilarious!! Happy Friday.

  8. Ahhhh that pizza looks so good !!

    Love your fav funnies :)


  9. Your cats are beautiful!! And that pizza looks amazing!