Top 5 Fall Essentials

It's finally cooling down after our mini heat wave last week. Temperatures are in the 70's and 80's here in Delaware, it's fantastic.

I had to work all weekend, and it was fairly stressful, so I'd like to relax this week.

Greg's been busy tormenting one of our cats, Luna, by layering her with Tough Mudder headbands:
Now that it's September, I'm getting closer to being able to wear fall clothes again. I found out about Raise, which is a cool idea, if you are planning on doing some shopping. Basically, it allows you to buy gift cards for places you already shop at a discounted price and sell unwanted gift cards for cash. They also have restaurant and food gift cards - I need a Red Robin one! It was my favorite pre-vegan days place & I still love it.

Top 5 Fall Essentials
1. I can't wait to try these out. I bought them when they were on sale at Nordstrom's, but it's been too warm to wear them this summer. You can bet I'm going to be trying to pass these off as pants all fall and winter.
Does anyone know why these are reversible if they are the same color inside??

2. I'd like a nice deep color to wear on my nails, like this dark blue red.
3. Bows and bows. Put a bow on the back and I'm in.

4. I like to pretend I'm wearing pants, while I'm cheating and actually wearing leggings. It was my first time wearing jeggings today. I feel like I could fight crime.

5. Booties, booties, booties everywhere. I love how booties give me a little heel without making me think I'm going to lose control of my feet like an unbalanced panda.

What are your fall essentials?
Do you make your pets wear clothes/objects??


  1. oh my gosh the leggings though. i am totally going to wear them as pants as well, screw the people who say leggings arent pants. also i have no idea why they call them reversible when they are exactly the same colour inside! like whats the point? what am I going to do, wear them one day and turn them inside out the next? like what's the point?!
    i have never tried jeggings - clearly im missing out. and yay for booties!

  2. um YES to wearing yoga pants or pajama pants that look like pants! i do that all winter - i wear my old navy skinny sweat pants and pretend they're pants HOLLA!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Love your booties and that nail colour!!

  4. Jeggings are my jam! Booties are hard for me to find- they always make my legs/ankles look funny. My essentials are light layering sweaters and that nail color!

  5. I am allll about boots/scarves this year. Like, it's hit an all time high for me!

  6. i am SO excited to start wearing jeans and leggings again!! bring on the cooler temps! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. I cannot wait to start wearing leggings and sweaters. So excited for fall. Sadly, it has yet to show up!!