Friday Favorites - Fashion & Food

It's time again for my favorites this week. I'm working all weekend, so I'm going to fuel myself up aka stuff my face with Chipotle tomorrow to hopefully get me through.

Favorite Fashion:
Jean Jacket: AE Outfitters (~3 years old - current version) // Top: Lucy and Lyla via Groopdealz // Jeggings: Uniqlo // Booties: Target (similar) // Belt: Target (similar)

I got this colorful top in from my Groopdealz order and it's awesome. Not that soft on the inside, because it has an extra layer/liner, but the material didn't bother me all day. I don't think the top is on Groopdealz anymore, but you can still get it at Lucy and Lyla.

Favorite Bag:
I'm not usually a fan of Betsey Johnson or over the top accessories, but the bow + leopard print is adorable.

Favorite Food:
We made these cookies last weekend, but you are just going to have to believe us, because we ate them all before I could take any pictures. Don't be scared away by the vegan part - my husband is not vegan and still devoured them.

Crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle...perfect!!

Favorite Moment:
Probably when my cat got his head stuck in the handle of the brown paper recycle bag and ran around like an idiot until the handle ripped off. And he also sat contentedly on the package from my new top.

Favorite Funnies:
Hahahaha..Love whoever this Nevada person is.
Winter is coming.
Me when I'm doing something not quite right, but can't figure out what it is:
Have a great weekend! Link up with Amanda at Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.


  1. Haha that license plate is the greatest!

  2. that's exactly how I am in winter... give me a blanket, let me hibernate...

  3. That purse is so cute!!! Have a great weekend.

  4. Ahhh definitely bookmarking those cookies! Yum! Is it hard being vegan when your husband isn't? I'm vegetarian and my husband isn't, which is pretty easy (he just eats less meat at home, which is fine with him), but I feel like if I went vegan it would be much harder.

  5. That outfit is on point! So cute!! I always love fall because you can layer more things and not sweat to death.

    Beardy Heart Beauty

  6. hahaha that hamster wheel gif, so cute. i wish i could do that with the treadmill lol. i don't love betsey johnson either but that bag is gorgeous! my cats sit on everything, if there is paper on the table they love laying on it, and they love playing with the bags. so adorable.