New Hair Color

I hope you had a great weekend. I had to work all weekend at drill, boooooo. But, Thursday, I treated myself to a haircut and color since I only go a couple times a year (with good reason, holy dye cost, Batman..)
I showed my stylist a bunch of super ombred out pictures, but she knows better and gave me a much more subtle chestnut with lots of far, I like it, although it took a while to grow on me.

I'm still holding onto my dreams of Rachel McAdams blonde (I've pinned it three times without realizing it) and Ariel red.

Friday, I shopped around in Nordstrom with a mission in mind to try on the Hue jeggings. I found them and I'm still thinking about them, but didn't buy anything, and took an OOTD picture in their dressing room, anyway.
Top: Francesca's (similar or similar) // Sweater: J. Crew Factory // Jeggings: Uniqlo // Boots: Steve Madden

I wouldn't buy these boots, now, being vegan and all, but I bought them at least 4 years ago, and they are still going strong *knock on wood.* I always get comments on them and their distressed look. The distress is very, very real. They have been through snow, etc, but some Dr. Martens shoe balsam does wonders.

And, what is going on in your dressing rooms, Nordstrom?
Seriously, what is happening? There's a bulge...

My phone should get here in a couple days!! I'm so excited! I've had my Iphone for two years, now, and I still love it, except that the battery has been depleting like lightning, lately. Not cool if I get stranded with no phone.

How was your weekend?
Do you have a favorite jegging brand/style?


  1. HA! What is going on in that dressing room?
    And yes that's why I had to get a new phone recently as well. I had to carry a charger with me everywhere because it would die so quickly. It's taken some getting use to with my new phone actually still have life in it at the end of the day.

  2. Sorry you had to work all weekend but your hair looks amazing!!

  3. Love the hair color! It looks so pretty! I went ombre over the summer and now that I'm back to being dark I miss it but I also regret it... it killed my hair. :( And umm... what in the world Nordstrom? Random!! Hope you have an amazing week!

    <3, Pamela

  4. lol you made me look at the bulge! awkward...
    um your hair looks AMAZING. is it weird if I pin it? Bad luck, I am. I would love to go Ariel red, or even Emma Stone red but my hair lady (and best friend) says no. I just recently (like 2 weeks ago) went kind of ombre only not - she just put highlights in the bottom of my hair. I do like it, but I am craving all around dark for the colder weather and I just lovvvve your colour. Obsessed.

  5. lmfao... "there's a bulge" BAHAHAHAHAH!
    Your hair looks amazing! So healthy and the color is so rich! I love it!

  6. HUE jeggings FTW. srsly, i can't stop wearing them. i looked at the uniqlo but they hate canada as well and won't ship to me WAH!

  7. lol love the hair colour and the boots!