Things I Do When My Husband's Not Home

Get ready, this is about to get very scandalous. Greg was helping a friend move back, and I was forced to entertain myself. There are some things I do when my husband's not home that I just don't do otherwise.

1. Wear a new dress.
Because the best time to wear a new dress is when no one except that guy selling me my tacos is going to see it. That will be explained in the next one.
Just kidding, I was too excited not to wear my new dress and was going to wear it at home or anywhere.
It was purchased from Sandy a la Mode at her shop my closet. Made by Everly.

2. Order tacos.
If you do this, make sure you order enough that it looks like it may feed a family of roughly 12 people. Although, really, that guy probably knows it's just you and your cats tonight.

I also took no pictures, because when there's a plate of tacos in front of you, you don't ask questions or leave evidence.
3. Browse Amazon.
And then come to the amazing realization that I need a teeth whitening kit. And Amazon wants me to try ANOTHER free trial of Prime AND is giving me a $7.00 off coupon?? How could I say no?
Anyone tried these? I'm going to try every other day, since I heard they can make your teeth sensitive.

4. Bake cookies.
Then pretend to be a rogue and decide I don't need timers. And promptly forget when I stuck them in the oven and be forced to check them every 2 minutes.
Peanut butter cookies made from this recipe. They were chewy and delicious.

5. Watch Outlander.
What am I, obsessed? Reading the books and watching the show. I have no words, but it's really good so far. And if you are into Highlanders and/or historical dramas at all, you should check it out. And not Sean Connery, although he is a fantastic Highlander in his own right.

Luna fell asleep beside me wrapped up in the heating pad.
I also did some productive things, like clean the bathroom and do the dishes. I made a trip to Old Navy, but quickly decided online shopping would be easier, with more discounts, and no walking behind people who walk really, really slow.

Holiday traffic and shopping is beginning!! I took my happy tacos home and watched some TV in a warm house.

What do you do when/if you have a day by yourself?


  1. pretty much the same thing - eat food and watch TV. lol. I haven't watched Outlander yet, I want to read the books first. Your dress is gorgeous! I haven't tried the teeth whitening but if it works let me know!

  2. I love the dress! It's so cute! Sounds like how I spent my Saturday evening - eating and watching TV only I don't have a husband ha!

  3. Love this dress!! KC was gone Saturday, so I attempted to fill my time (out of practice I think)... I cleaned out the fridge, did some travel blog networking, trip advisor reviews, and then began watching reruns of Buffy.. haha. Yes, let us know how the whitening thing goes. I have been wanting to try the DIY peroxide/baking soda one. XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. When I'm alone, I clean.
    I always say its easier to do when he's not behind me making a mess immediately after :)

  5. That dress is adorable! I used to use white strips and they work wonders! Once I got my teeth white enough, I stopped using them regularly and now just use them here and there with the Crest 3-D toothpaste. When I am alone, I tend to blast music, clean and I may or may not treat myself to a bottle of wine and ice cream! :)
    Have a fabulous week!

  6. That dress is too cute! I have used those white strips and they are good, but yes, space it out because your teeth WILL become sensitive. My husband is typically on the go always doing something, so when he isn't home, I do NOTHING!

  7. i clean/organize/bake/crochet. so relaxing!

  8. Love your dress, and the boots are so cute too! I am ALL about online shopping. I'll take that any day over shopping in a store! When my hubby is gone, I eat ice cream. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him!

  9. Such a cute dress! And those cookies look delish... :)

  10. Love this! I get so much done on days without my husband, and eat terrible, but good, food too :)

  11. That dress is so cute!! haha I do very similar things when my husband isn't home. Although, lucky (unlucky) for me my husband hates sweets so I almost always have to eat them all. I really need to read my copy of Outlander! It's been staring at me from my shelf for 2 years now.

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  13. I use the home teeth whitening kit from Walmart. It comes with a mouthguard, a gel, and a liquid. Use the three together anywhere from 10-20 minutes everyday for two weeks and you'll see drastic results. I've never experienced sensitivity with this whitening kit, but I have with the Crest whitening toothpaste.

    Kaitlyn @