Weekend Adventures + Cable Got Broke

Did December really just start? Is it just me or does the end of the year fly by?

Greg and I got back from visiting family in SC. The drive was so much better than we were anticipating. I also fell asleep for a while on both trips, oops. I'm not fully awake until 10 AM.
- Met my grandma's new dog. You can't tell from the picture, but she is the highest energy dog I've ever met. Like a toddler high on Pixy Stix and Nerds.

- Ate at HuHot Mongolian Grill 2x. It's a restaurant where you create your own bowl at a buffet style bar, and then they cook it on a huge round grill in front of you. They have a ton of different sauce combinations, and you can add whatever veggies and noodles you want.

- Went for a run across the dam. It was so windy, and I started off freezing, but it was a beautiful day. I missed blue skies - it's been grey here, lately.

- Had some pizza at Mellow Mushroom. Lots of veggies + tofu, just needed a little more sauce.

- Got my fix of cuddling dogs. My mom's dog is a dachshund with the tiniest little legs and fattest belly ever. He also snores like a person. He slept next to us every night, and I was too overwhelmed by his cuteness to mind the snores.

- Came back to my cuddly kitties. I think they missed us. We've tried taking them with us before, but they'd rather stay home. They freak out when we put them in the car, so it's easier for them and us to fill up the automatic feeder and let them run around the house.

Today, I had an encounter with the cable company that made me want to quit cable all together. If only I could, I would, but I need internet, and our internet by itself costs more than the cable + internet together. Makes sooo much sense!
We got a new upstairs neighbor, and he was trying to get his cable installed. Well, he should have known better than to go with Comcast. They are seriously the worst.

I don't even have Comcast anymore, and they still somehow managed to break my internet.
While they were trying to install his, they disconnected my Verizon cables in order to hook up his, instead of taking the time to set up a new connection.

So my poor internet wires were just hanging there, dangling in the wind.

I didn't know what was going on, so my landlord comes over and calls Comcast back and they tell him, no, they can't send back the guy who was JUST here. They tell us to call Verizon, and they will have to fix it.
So, your guy breaks it and you won't send someone out to fix it? Verizon says they can't even come out for two days and would have to charge us for the visit. NOOOPE..

Greg called Comcast back and spoke to a supervisor in our area, and they ended up sending someone else out to put everything back to how it was before. Our new neighbor still has no cable/internet because apparently they didn't bring all the equipment they needed and he is so pissed that he's going to call Verizon tomorrow to have them set it up.

Have you had any cable woes?


  1. Yuck. I have always heard bad things about Comcast. They are in talks of taking over the company here and I PRAY that's not true!

  2. Ugh. Here we have two options AT&T Uverse and something called WOW. We have WOW... nothing good about either one really. Neither of which advertise an option to have just internet either! Which is such a bummer. I would love to be internet only.. alas. Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving. We don't have to travel far, but we had a nice time too. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Oh mercy... I hate internet/cable issues. They just raised my rates on me & I want to throw it out... but yep, need it.

    I want to go to that buffet - that sounds amazing!!!

  4. I would die without cable for an HOUR. God speed good woman!

  5. Comcast is definitely the worst!

    The Mongolian Grill sounds good. I've never been to one but now I want to try.

  6. Hi there,

    I work for Comcast's Corporate Customer Service team. I came across your post and would just like to apologize for the inconvenience we have caused. If there are any further concerns you'd like addressed, I'd encourage you to email me at Cassie [email protected] so I can assist. Once again, I'm very sorry for what happened and I appreciate you posting this and bringing it to our attention.

    Kind Regards,
    Comcast Cassie

  7. Internet and TV problems are the worst!! I seriously couldn't even handle Comcast when we had them and I'm so happy we don't deal with them anymore!!

  8. ugh, sorry about the cable! that really sucks, though jeepers how much do you pay for internet and cable?! you don't have to answer that but man we pay like $30 a month (just internet). do you only have certain brands in your area? that sucks horribleness.
    meanwhile comcast commented on your post? weird.......
    HuHot Mongolian Grill looks amazing and i want to go there please.

  9. That sucks about the cable but man that gif is hilarious!

  10. Your mom's little dachshund is adorable!! We had a very similar problem when we lived in an apartment style building, but with a totally different provider. On two occasions our services got disconnected while they were hooking up other people. We eventually decided to get rid of cable because it was so expensive and when they came to disconnect the cable, they just disconnected everything so we didn't even have internet anymore. Jeeeezz!!!! We just have Netflix now, but I do actually miss cable. I hope it all gets figured out :)