Friday Favorites

It's finally Friday, but I am still a sad panda, because I have to work this weekend! Boooo. I am going to try to enjoy it, anyway. I literally just stuffed my face with tacos, so I'm on the right path, clearly. To indigestion and sleepiness. But also, FUN.

Favorite Outfit:

Sweater: AE (old: similar) // Belt: Target (old: similar) // Dress: Target via ThredUp (similar) // Boots: ModCloth (old: similar) // Socks: Target (old: similar) // Necklace: Target

I think we can all agree that sweater weather is perfect weather. Boots and a dress are easy to wear, and right now I don't have to wear leggings or tights, because it's still warm enough.

Favorite Natural Food Store Find:

We went to the natural food store, and I found what appears to be one of the ingredients to making Polyjuice Potion. Seriously, does anyone need to restock their potions ingredients cabinet, because I have your bladderwrack right here.

I think Severus Snape might have used this on his enemies - horn of bladderwrack. I'm going to fall into a fit of Harry Potter giggles.

Favorite Weather:

Fall walks and runs are the best!! Look at these colors! I wish fall could stick around for half the year.

Favorite Drink:

Watermelon soda. Because I am instantly regretting not getting watermelon soda at the taco restaurant today. I always get the watermelon soda before I leave, but there was a crowd when I went back in to refill. Should have barreled through like The Hulkersaurus Rex I really am inside when it comes to watermelon drink.

Favorite Video:

You've seen the bouncing pug, but you will reach a new level of excitement when you see a corgi bouncing.

Favorite Moment:

I was listening to the radio and clearly heard the announcer in an ad for a movie say, "Everyone is raving about The Penis Movie."
I'm going to admit that I was equal parts intrigued and alarmed.
Then he repeated, "Go out to see The Peanuts Movie this weekend." That makes more sense. I'm kind of sad there's not a Penis Movie, but that makes sense.

I'm linking up with Amanda today for Friday Favorites.

Have a great weekend. I heard that penis movie is great.


  1. i love that outfit! now that i'm going back to work, i actually have to put on real clothes but i have no idea how to drres myself anymore.....i've been basically wearing PJs or sweats for the past 10 months.

  2. The radio guy I listened too this morning kept calling it The Penis Movie too ... haha

    Now I gotta go see what that Bladderwhatever is for... I'm going to assume for the bladder but watch it be for eyes or something

  3. Your outfit is so cute!!!! I had to LOL at the Penis Movie!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. bahahahaha penis / peanuts movie. hilarious! i was like.. tell me more about this penis movie.

  5. LOLOLOL That totally does sound like something that would be in Polyjuice Potion!

  6. omg at the bladderwort--def something out of harry potter!! the new penis movie--i see what's on the brain! ;)

  7. Hahahahaha the Bladderwack was cracking me up! Totally something you'd find in Snapes potion cabinet! I love dresses with sweaters and boots too but it's cold enough here now I do have to wear tights/leggings. Sort of a bummer but sort of awesome too. There's something just so cozy about leggings!