I've got some confessions early this week. We've had a wonderful weekend of being snowed in with no place we need to be, so we've been doing lots of relaxing and enjoying it very much.

# 1 - Sometimes I find something delicious in the store, only to check the back and find that it's not vegan.

# 2 - I spray my cat with a water bottle when she wakes us up way too early in the morning.

# 3 - I found out that there won't be any new Doctor Who until the Christmas Special 2016. Fellow Doctor Who fans, please take this moment to be sad with me right now.

# 4 - I cut one of my peanut butter cookie balls in half in an effort to be healthier, and dropped the other half on the ground.

# 5 - A guy hopped onto the elliptical next to me at the gym and thought it would be a good idea to wear cologne that day. It wasn't.

# 6 - I had a minor meltdown today when I was craving a salad from a local restaurant, and we drove there only to find out that they were closed for the snow. Qdoba was had instead. Greg was very nice and dealt with my freaking out.

# 7 - Sometimes I put my purse on before my coat, and realize I am trapped in a wriggling ball of outerwear when I try to take off my purse.

# 8 - My cat often decides my towel looks better on the floor than on the towel rack, and proceeds to claw it to the ground for me.

# 9 - My family has been sending pictures of the snow they got in South Carolina and the snow men and snow angels they made. Meanwhile, I am here in Delaware with no intentions of going out, aside from our food trip earlier today.

# 10 - If I'm already crying at the preview, I'm probably not going to watch the movie. I feel like the preview is a test and if I can't get past that, how am I going to sit through the whole movie?

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  1. #10!!!! i'm the same! i had a feeling that The Good Dinosaur was going to be sad and yep, bawled my eyes out.

  2. I haven't gone out in the snow but I wish I could!!! Stupid cast! And we spray our dogs with a water bottle when they bark lol

  3. I hate when I'm craving food from a restaurant and I go to the place only to find out it's closed! It's so sad! :( and lol omg!! Just last night I put my purse on, then my coat and I was stuck with my purse on while I drove home because I was tooooo cold to take my coat off haha it was SO uncomfortable lol but pretty funny now thinking back on it haha


  5. Oh yeah - if I cant make it through the preview, I know its a movie I'll wait to watch at home so I can let the tears fly :)

  6. Haha I hate when I put my purse on under my jacket! It always makes things so complicated! And why do guys think that it's ok to bathe in cologne? Don't they know that normal people need to breathe, especially when they're at the gym?

  7. Hahahaha I spray my dogs with a water bottle when they are being bad. They HATE it! Normally I dont even have to spray, I just show it to them as a warning and they straighten right up! Dont you hate when you want a specific meal and then realize you cant have it? The worst!

  8. I spray one of my dogs, its the only thing that works! We had plans Sunday night to go to my favorite Italian place only to find out when we got there they had closed that day because of the snow! URG!!!

  9. lol you think I can spray my kids with a bottle of water too?
    lol that gif of justin long is too good!