Put My Baby On a Plane

Anybody have any advice on how to survive six months without your husband? Because I am clearly not set up to live by myself.
We are a military family, so it's part of our life. He left two days ago, and I definitely miss him already. We do have plenty of ways to communicate, at least. I talked to him on Skype today, and he is there and fed and got some sleep.

Here are some issues I see with him not being here:
- Who am I going to put my cold feet on to warm them up?
- Who is going to trap and release the spiders roaming through our house back into the wild?
- Laundry. I put some in several hours ago and just remembered it. This is going to be happening all the time.
- Weirdly quiet house. He always has the TV on and I never do unless I'm watching something.
- It's inevitable that something's not going to work and I'm going to bang it around in frustration like a caveman. For example, there are seven buttons on the space heater. I know what roughly two of them do.
- Heaven forbid I have to put something together. If I buy any new furniture, I'm calling in back-up.
- When I can't decide what to wear, who will pick the most horrible outfits, until I kick him out of the room and suddenly can find something?

I'm just kidding about all of these. I mean, they're all real, but I don't mind dealing with them. All I want is for him to be safe and sound.


  1. My husband travels for work, but he's never been gone for longer than a week at a time. One of the biggest frustrations is always when something doesn't work around the house! It gets so incredibly frustrating! At least you'll be able to skype while he's away!

  2. oh gosh... that's tough. I can't imagine.
    Thank God for technology though, right? Skype has to feel like the best invention to you

  3. I did it for years and will have to again, so I totally understand. Plus my dad was in the military too and would be gone for months at a time. Hang in there

  4. I meeeean... I'll come stay with you if you cook for me. ;)

  5. that would be tough! although i love being on my own, being apart for 6 months would be hard.
    but thankfully technology will save the day! it's not the same as a warm hug or cuddles but it's better than snail mail!

  6. lol silly me i saw your other post first so no wonder i was in the dark.
    hope this 6 months flies by :)

  7. Aw. Don't feel bad for what I am about to say, but when my ex and I split I remember being so sad that I was so alone in my bed. That I had no one to warm up my feet and that my bedroom was SO quiet (he used to play loud video games all the time) but look at me now... 4 months later and I warm up my own feet with some fuzzy socks, and I blast my music and dance while I clean up. It's great, lol. Anyways, I'm sorry for making this comment about myself. Your little list just made me remember everything that I was also afraid of missing. I hope that these months go by fast and quickly for you and that your husband is safe and sound :)

  8. Fellow military wife over here and I just discovered your blog! Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

    1. Thank you! Nice to meet someone else who lives with similar situations!