Friday Favorites

Thank goodness it is finally Friday, even if this weekend is going to be like a whirlwind. I had to work last weekend, and I could use extra spending money, but I am thankful to be off again.

One of the best parts about this week has been getting my own desk at work. Now, I can slack off work hard without being in the middle of everybody.

Favorite Purchases:
I would like to give myself a high five for my most recent Target trip, because I saved a bunch of money. I got a 5% coupon in the mail, used Cartwheel, and used my Redcard for an extra 5% off. So, even though I bought a new tank and a Star Wars tee, I still didn't spend too much.
Tank // Star Wars tee: (similar)

I also bought a few maternity items from Kohl's, because I had some Kohl's Cash to spend that I received as a gift. I couldn't find anything in store, but I was able to find things online. I've been looking for things that I can wear outside of maternity. These will work for that, except for the bottoms, but stretchy bottoms are worth it to me.
I saw this plaid top in the store and it was the only thing I liked, so I searched it out online. It actually looks much cuter in person, and I don't think I'll be wearing the tie around the middle.
I am going to be pregnant in the summer, so shorts are going to be a necessity.
Favorite Food:
My favorite food is still tacos, always tacos.
I also occasionally eat ice cream, but mostly I want all the salty foods. Rita's has opened here for the spring/summer, though, and gelati and water ice is one of my favorite treats.

Favorite Funnies:
When my brain waits until I walk back to my bed in the dark from the bathroom to think, "What if a monster reaches out from under the bed?"
When I try to call my cats back in from outside:
Trying to fit in my pre-pregnancy workout leggings:
When a stranger knocks on my door and they've already seen me in my house through the window:
Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. I love Target so much! The red card savings are awesome, so is Cartwheel! I haven't been to Kohls in so long but I love that store too. I hope you have a happy weekend!

    1. I haven't been to a Kohl's in ages, and then someone gave me some Kohl's cash to spend. No luck in store, but their online selection is better.

  2. I love that plaid maternity shirt. so cute!!!
    Yippe for a desk. I always consider it MY SPACE... stay away from it people.
    I'm totally singing "tight pants" now :)

  3. I got that 5% off coupon and used it with my redcard to do a serious grocery trip. I love saving money!!! You new maternity pieces are totally cute!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. ABSOLUTELY YES TO THE MONSTERS UNDER THE BED. I promise I'm an adult, but my husband is on a business trip and last night I walked into our room to my side of the bed (which is 2 feet off the wall) to turn on the light in the room and I was like, 'I have NO WHERE TO GO if a monster grabs my leg.' Hahahaha. It's a real fear.
    Those tacos look sooooo good! I'm off to Target tonight and your savings have inspired me :)

  5. good job on the target bargain hunting! that star wars top is super cute. and those tacos look ahhhmazing. also, yes to the cats but my cats do that inside as well haha

  6. Love your purchases from Target, and hooray for extra discounts too! I'm always craving salty and spicy foods, so I'm hoping that I'll continue to love them when we eventually decide to start a family!

  7. tacos!!! i miss them so much; haven't had one since 2011 :(

  8. Love that plaid top you got! Super cute! And yum, tacos!

  9. I love empire waisted shirts, because they're flattering on a larger body, but I have totally thought about how when I'm pregnant one day, I'll still be able to wear a lot of my shirts because of that shape. Pants will be a different story.

    You can never spend too much on a Star Wars shirt! I've been collecting more "nerd shirts" lately and I love it.