March In a Nutshell

I totally missed the last one of these, because what's new with me was that I pretty much turned into a sloth, exhausted all the time! Thankfully, now that the first trimester business is over, I actually have some energy back and can do real people stuff.

What's New With You

The ability to watch a full movie without falling asleep should not be underestimated. I have been up to a few things this month..

Supporting a baby alien:
Obviously, this was the coolest part of my month. I have a little potato/alien baby growing inside me.

I have to admit something with the food that was kind of a big deal for me when making a decision. I've gone from vegan to vegetarian during pregnancy.

I was struggling for a while to make the vegan happen, but I was constantly craving foods I don't eat and I was even craving meat, which was unusual for me. I haven't had any meat cravings since going vegan two years ago, but my body wanted so many different things than it usually does. I'm not eating meat, but I am eating dairy/eggs for now as well as vegan stuff, because I felt like I needed to do what my body was telling me.

I also had a LOT of food aversions to things I usually love, which have become not as strong, lately. My food tastes are evening out a little, thank goodness, and I can eat some of my normal foods, like the vegan tacos from my favorite taco place above! I know lots of people do vegan pregnancy and it's possible, but it didn't seem like a good idea for me.

Sweater: Target (similar) // Tank: MM // Jeans: MM
I finally gave in and bought some maternity jeans and it was the best decision ever. They are so soft on my legs and obviously the best part is they aren't strangling me around my waist like most of my other pants. I also bought a couple tanks to wear with sweaters.

Mouse: Target // Cards: Target (similar or similar)
My mouse for my laptop broke, so I needed a new one and found the cutest one ever at Target. I also found these awesome unicorn thank you cards there, so I snatched those up. I couldn't find the link online so they may only be in store, but Etsy has some fantastic unicorn choices.
I bought myself a Snoogle pillow after seeing all the reviews raving about it, and they are not lying. It totally works for me. I sleep like a rock using this. All my other pillows have been moved to the other side of the bed. It's just me and Snoogle now, and I love it.

I traveled to South Carolina to visit my family and tell them the news. It was a good chance, because my uncle and aunt only come down from California and Virginia to stay at my grandma's every couple years. It was a lot of fun!

They are riding in my mom's boyfriend's (driving) Model A above. BTW, that is not the car I drove down! You can see part of my little hot lava ride in the background.
We ate lots and lots of food and Mom took us to her favorite Thai place, where they had tofu and vegetables and it was all amazing. I would like to learn to make my tofu that delicious.
I even got a couple run/walk's in, even though I forgot my running shoes. I borrowed Mom's and they did the trick.

It was overall an awesome trip and my family is my favorite thing ever. It feels so great to be around them when we don't see each other for so long, because we all live all over the place. They are all super excited at the news and we did lots of baby shopping. We bought a few things and I got one registry started and I have one more to go at a different store.

That's it! I have one day off before I get back to work, but the break was definitely relaxing.


  1. yay for baby aliens and potatoes!! those jeans look super comfy, and is it bad i want a snoogle for myself? even though very not pregnant! girl, obviously not a vegan/vegetarian/am not carrying an alien but you gotta do what works for you, end of story! and seriously, i am not a fan of tofu normally, but i will totally eat it at thai or chinese restaurants because they make it taste SO good. way better than i can.

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I was away for so long I had no clue. And also... Im with Kristen - I want a snoogle for myself!

  3. Look at that little alien baby :) So cool! I feel like you gotta do what your body is telling you and do what is best for you. Thai food is one of my favorites!!!

  4. What a cute alien! :)
    Good for you listening to your body & doing what you need to do.
    I want one of those pillows & I'm not even pregnant

  5. That mouse is so cute! Omg making tofu at home is SO HARD, I've given up and let my favorite Chinese place and Moe's do it for me lol I really want one of those Snoogles btw and I'm not even pregnant haha!

  6. Aww, congrats on the pregnancy! Love the cardigan in your photo! That snoogle looks amazing!

  7. That's so great that you got to tell your family when your aunt and uncle were in town! I bet that meant a lot to them too! When my husband was in high school he was a part of a Model A club and has wanted to own one ever since. They're such cool cars!

  8. Hooray for the baby alien! And, the unicorn thank you cards are awesome :)

  9. Ha, yes, pregnancy took me from being a vegetarian to a meat-eater, so it's been known to happen! Those hormones and cravings are something else!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  10. I love all of your baby purchases! SO exciting :) Congratulations lady! And thanks for linking up with us!

  11. Congratulations on alien in body status! That is amazing, and definitely something to celebrate!
    As would be getting that mouse and card...

  12. Aw major congrats on growing the little one! You should definitely listen to your body. How fun to get to tell all your family. :)

    <3 Have Ashley, Will Travel

  13. That's great that you had a fun time on your trip. The mouse you bought is super cute!

    1. I love it! Although I only use it if I play games, which is always The Sims, which is rarely. But sometimes I get back into it.