Penelope's Newborn Photos

We recently got back Penelope's newborn photos. These were taken over two and a half months ago! It's a nice comparison for how tiny she was vs how big she is now.

I talked to the photographer about ideas we had for her photos beforehand and she was willing to work with us on all of them. I was so happy since I knew I wanted some nerdy ones for her nerdy parents.

 Her stats - 20 in, 7 lbs 6 oz, born Oct 3 at 1:02 PM.

Our little circus lion.

Future Harry Potter fan, I hope. I'd love to read it with/to her one day. We have more Harry Potter themed ones and are waiting to get the full library of our photoshoot on a flash drive from the photographer. This is just one of my favorites! I'm so happy my set of Harry Potter books made it into the photos.

Doctor Who was a theme I was really excited about, and I think this might be my favorite photo. We had a bunch of Doctor Who items already, like the TARDIS and sonic screwdriver, and our photographer brought in her own Dalek and made a little tutu.

We did some classic style baby photos, which I'm glad for because she looks so sweet.

 Tiny hobbit feet!

The day of her photographs was a long day but totally worth it! I'm so happy with how they came out. Our photographer said it was the highest number of successful sets she had done for a newborn shoot. I felt like we really put her to work, but we were working hard, too. The first week of having a newborn is exhausting, and this was just a few days after she was born. I plan on keeping these to remind me how tiny she was.


  1. Ahhhh these are so perfect and precious!!! She is just beautiful!

  2. Oh my goodness the pictures turned out so cute! The stats one is adorable, but the Harry Potter one is totally my favorite!

  3. These are so wonderful! I love the HP one but the first of the "classic" photos - that little smile - is SO perfect.

  4. I have been wondering about these - so glad you shared.
    THey are perfect. I love she still has her cord on her in the 'bundled picture.
    That tiny HP scarf. I am dying!!!

  5. GAH, that Harry Potter one!!! I'm not a Dr. Who person but that picture is pretty awesome! And I LOVE the stats one- that's a great idea! She's so sweet! Your IG pics now make her look SO different from these!

  6. These are GORGEOUS!! I love the themes but especially the stats picture - that's so creative!

  7. your photographer brought the dalek?! that is awesome! i LOVE that whole themed photo. it's perfect. that scarf is gorgeous.
    i wonder if your photographer travels? haha.