Two Months with Penelope

First of all, can we have a Blogger app invented for iPhone 7 soon? I don't know how people get things done with babies. My bedtime is 8 PM after Penelope goes to sleep and I am not willing to give up any precious sleep.

Penelope is two months already! Two and a half, now. I am so excited for her first Christmas, but it's also nerve-wracking prepping for her first big trip (long drive) and being somewhere other than home for a bit.

Walking with dad when the weather was still nice.

Boba trying to get some snuggly time, since I spend all my time snuggling baby now.

She was really excited about bicycle legs for a while. We are waiting for her first laugh, but she smiles all the time!

Being silly and cute.

First time we tried her sitting up on the Boppy by herself.

I'm addicted to Snapchat-ing my baby.

Getting ready for Christmas by trying on her hat.

Her first encounter with the wild house beast.

We found out her weight and length at her two month appointment.

Our attempt at tummy time. She tried to eat the mat and then promptly began crying.

She smiles at me in the car seat and it is the sweetest thing ever.

Looking like such a big baby. She can hold her head up really well now, although she doesn't have perfect control.

She cracks me up with her faces. She was looking at me like this - guess I must have looked funny to her.

We are at 10 weeks and every week has its challenges. The past couple weeks have been figuring out naps, which we are still working on. There's so much she wants to look at, she doesn't always want to sleep. She's so sweet and adorable. I will love when she can play toys with us. Right now our faces are interesting enough for her.


  1. She looks SO BIG!!! How is she 2 months already?!?!? That's mind blowing to me.
    Oh, she'll do just fine traveling. Babies just go with the flow. Just feed 'em & clean their butts, they'll travel anywhere.

  2. She is so precious! I love the photo of her with the first cat encounter! So funny.

  3. She is so precious! The newborn days are so hard and so wonderful at the same time. I agree that I think she'll do well travelling, Little babies are so portable. I hope you have a lovely first Christmas together.
    PS: Would love to see more from your newborn photo shoot?!

  4. I bet that it really is just so exciting prepping for her first Christmas, but also stressful at the same time. Penelope looks like just the cutest, and I love that she smiles all the time too! So adorable!

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  6. She is SO ADORABLE. I love her little facial expressions! She's already got those puppies eyes and the innocent smile- she's going to get away with everything ;) Lol!

  7. waaaiiiit why aren't we friends on snapchat???? :(
    her first encounter with the cat - i die. hilarious. and the face in the car seat.. she is so adorable.