Friday Favorites

I have a lot of updates I could talk about, but it's Friday and that is a fabulous day, so I'm going to share some favorites.

... Shirt
I don't usually buy any clothes full price if I can avoid it, but I accidentally wandered out of the clearance baby clothes section at Target, and I had to get this shirt. It also has a cute tulip cut back - I'm so excited for Ellie to wear it. We found some cute tees on clearance for her - I stalk the baby section every week to see what's new.

... Hair Product
Renpure Cleansing Conditioner - I heard about this conditioner which both cleans and conditions your hair, so you don't have to use shampoo with it. So far, so good. I have oily-prone hair, and it has been soft and not oily since starting to use this every other day. I've still been using regular shampoo and conditioner about once a week, just so I get a shampoo in but it may be fine without it.
... Food
A magical mom friend online sent me a box of cookies! There was a story that involved Greg eating all the cookies and me complaining (I get hangry without dessert), so she sent me lots of cookies. I am thinking the stroopwafels look especially delicious.

... Baby book
Ellie has taken a big interest in this 100 First Words book. She's started pointing at the different pictures, and I like to read it with her.

... Project
Greg built Ellie a dollhouse bookcase! He's really amazing at woodworking, and we'd seen these style bookcases on Pinterest, so he found some plans and we changed the sizes to work for what we wanted. It took a few weekends and now she has a custom bookcase! He did 99% of the work - I just made the plan on Photoshop and helped him paint a few parts.

Have you tried any stroopwafels? What books should I put on my baby book wishlist? Hope you have a fantastic Friday and weekend.


  1. that is the cutest bookcase! i love it !!

  2. Zoe needs that shirt too!!!! I always do a round of checking all the baby area clearance stuff. Cat and Jack is one of my most favorite baby clothes brands. I seriously love how that bookcase turned out! And I was looking at the word book last time I was out, I need to grab it for Zoe. You know, because she doesn't have enough books at home already hahahaha. I bet she has 100 easily. Oops.

  3. I'm so disappointed... I wanted that shirt to be in an adult sizes & not kids!!! SO CUTE!!!

  4. I love that shirt for Ellie! So cute. We have a similar First Words book that was a hit with both kids. And stroopwafels - YUM!

  5. i need that read to me shirt. is that weird? i wonder if they make it in my size. lol. i'm very intrigued by that conditioner. can Greg build me one of those bookcases?! that is amazing. look at Ellie becoming a little bookworm. adorable!

  6. That shirt is too too cute. I can see why you went off your normal clothes buying plan for it. hehe :) I have super oily hair recently, and I'm finding that all of my eco shampoos don't really clean it, and my hair stays or gets more oily. It's the worst. If you have a good shampoo rec. I'd love it. Seriously. About 1 step away from visiting a dermatologist. My hair was never oily in the past and it's killing me. :( I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bookcase. I was so excited when I saw it on IG. Great project!! Um, those stroopwafels are good! They have them on some airline... can't remember.. in the morning for the "snack". Yum. I think they're even better if you put them over a cup of hot coffee/tea/hot chocolate because they get all melty! :) XO - Alexandra

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  7. I LOVE THAT SHIRT!! Also, the dollhouse bookcase is adorable! My husband has built me a wine rack and a mug rack... maybe I'll ask for a bookshelf some day when we have kids!!

  8. That shirt is THE BEST, and holy cow, I am so impressed with the bookshelf! Amazing!