Hi, I'm Jess. I have recently moved to the South, have a wee baby, and am a book lover and wannabe traveler.

I also have a husband I share food, arguments, and adventures with. We both came from military families and have lived in many places. We recently moved to South Carolina. We love traveling and have been to Jamaica and Iceland, as well as many places in the US.

We have a baby named Penelope (Ellie) and she is the best. She's much bigger now and curious and fun.

I created this blog to talk about my daily life and stories. I love eating, reading, painting, and watching TV shows.

I like meeting new people, so if you want to be friends, please stop and talk to me. 


  1. Hi,
    I'm so happy to have found your blog from the link up, you're layout and blog design are really cute! I'm also a fellow East Coast blogger, who loves: cats, traveling and yummy food :) I look forward to following along and reading more.

    @ www.classic-collins.blogspot.com

  2. Cutest blog!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to talk about my cat without being "creepy cat lady." You and your husband are adorable. Excited to follow along!!

  3. Hi Jess!

    I'm Somer. It is so nice to "meet" you. You have such a cute blog!

    I love that you are vegan! I actually am a vegetarian who tries to incorporate a lot of vegan meals into my diet.

    I just started my blog and would love to be blog friends!

    Please check it out: www.strolldownsomerdelane.weebly.com


  4. I ALSO currently live in a tiny apartment on the East Coast and have moved all around (GA, SC among those places) so basically we need to be friends!

  5. I love your blog design! Foxes are my favorite!